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BEYERDYNAMIC - ORBIS MU21 یونیت شرکت کننده

  • تولیدکننده: BEYERDYNAMIC
  • کشور سازنده: آلمان
  • مدل: ORBIS MU 21


یونیت شرکت کننده سیستم های کنفرانس بیرداینامیک مدل Orbis MU 21

Coated plastic housing with metal bottom plate
Inserts made of optically hardened acrylic glass
5pin XLR connection with hidden lock for removable Classis gooseneck microphone in different lengths
Red LED on the gooseneck microphone displays ready-to-speak status
Microphone button to turn the microphone on or off
Three-coloured backlit silicone microphone button: White = microphone unit on Green = microphone on Red = request-to-speak entered, microphone still off
Voice-controlled activation of the microphone possible
Integrated loudspeaker with voice equalisation
Loudspeaker is automatically turned off when microphone is turned on
Headphone output (3.5 mm stereo jack) with control to select volume and channel - original and 1 AUX-IN e.g. foreign language channel
Two RJ45 sockets to connect to the control unit or to another microphone unit/system unit
Automatic power off when the control unit is turned off
Two holes on the bottom plate for permanent attachment to a table -theft protection
Configuration as semi chairman microphone unit or press unit via Orbis CU control unit

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