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MATROX - Mura MPX-4/4 ویدئو وال

  • تولیدکننده: MATROX
  • کشور سازنده: کانادا
  • مدل: Mura MPX-4/4
  • 169,000,000 تومان

کارت ویدئو وال متراکس مدل Mura MPX-4/4 ساخت کانادا
    کارت های Mura سری MPX قابلیتِ پردازش 64 گیگابایت دیتا را در هر ثانیه دارند. MPX-4/4 از نسل دوم سری کارت های MPX است، و از 4 خروجی و 4 ورودی HD پشتیبانی می کند. همچنین فرمت اسلاتِ این کارت PCI Express x16 بوده و می تواند با نرم افزارهای مخصوص و مدیرتی متراکس کنترل شود و به راحتی مدل های گوناگونی را با آن برنامه ریزی و سِت آپ کرد.

Redefine Your Video Wall Experience
Support for Additional Digital & Analog Video, as well as SDI Video Inputs
DVI, RGB/VGA, Component, S-Video & Composite

مشخصات و ویژگی های Mura MPX-4/4:

Single-slot board design with integrated support of 4 output and 4 input channels on the same board
Combine multiple Matrox Mura MPX Series boards to drive desired channel requirements—all from a single system
PCI Express x16 Gen2 host bus connection leverages 64 Gbit/s full duplex data transfer
Maximum output resolution of 2048x1152 (SL-DVI) & 2048x1536 (RGB/VGA) per display
Maximum input resolution of 2560x1600 (SL-DVI)1, 1920x1200 (RGB/VGA), 1920x1080i (Component), and NTSC/PAL/SECAM (S-Video, Composite) per input
HDCP compliant board captures protected video content from digital cable, satellite set-top boxes, video streamers and Blu-ray™ players and outputs the content to HDCP-enabled displays
Designed for control rooms, operation centers and other mission critical environments as well as digital signage, and presentation systems that require stable, reliable video wall technology
Pair Mura IPX Series with Mura MPX boards in Matrox-certified platforms for 4K capture and multi-stream H.264 level 5.2 encoding/decoding over standard IP onto video walls up to 56 displays and a more favorable input-to-output ratio
Supports Bezel Management as well as Edge Overlap for multi-projector platforms in both landscape and portrait modes
Multi-functional board design facilitates video switching, signal conversion, scaling and de-interlacing from a single board, eliminating the need for separate solutions
Hardware Framelock: Synchronization of multiple outputs provides tear-free display of captured video sources across multiple displays

Matrox MuraControl software & APIs

این پکیج شامل کلیه اقلام زیر است:
Mura MPX- 4/4 board
2breakout cables with KX-20 to 4x DVI-I connectors
8x RGB (VGA) to DVI-A adapters
2Framelock cables
سخت افزارهای پیشنهادی که در این پکیج موجود نیستند:
Component to DVI-A adapter (Part # ADP-DVI-3RCA20F)
S-Video to DVI-A adapter (Part # ADP-DVI-SVID20F)
Composite to DVI-A adapter (Part # ADP-DVI-RCA20F)

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