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ZOOM - LIVETRAK L-8 میکسر/رکوردر

  • تولیدکننده: ZOOM
  • کشور سازنده: چین، طراحی ژاپن
  • مدل: LIVETRAK L-8
  • 21,600,000 تومان

میکسر دیجیتال و مولتی ترَک رکوردر زوم مدل LIVETRAK L-8

   لایو تراک L-8 وسیله ایست رویائی برای تولیدکنندگان پادکست و برنامه های زنده و آموزشی که اکنون به ارزانی در دسترس همگان قرار گرفته است. این مولتی رکوردر دیجیتال دارای قابلیت ها و توانمندی های بسیار کامل و با ارزشی است. و به آسانی و با سرعت می توان با آن یک استودیو سیار و کارآمد را فراهم کرد!!! و در هر کجا و در هر زمان آهنگسازی کرد، فیلم ساخت و یا برنامه زنده تولید کرد.

مولتی تراک رکوردر 8 کانال

Panel Podcasts are No Problem

دارای پری امپ های (6-عدد) بدون نویز همراه با فانتوم پاور

Thanks to its six transparent, low-noise mic preamps with selectable phantom power, the LiveTrak L-8 can accommodate dynamic or condenser microphones for you and multiple guests

Just insert an SDHC or SDXC card to start recording right away. Keep in mind that you can multitrack record via USB to a computer or iOS mobile device (separately available Apple Camera Connection Kit required) whether or not you track to an SD card

No matter which media you choose, the L-8 records separate tracks to ensure flexibility in post-production processes such as editing and mixing

Six Sound Pads for Triggering Samples or Music

دارای 6 پَد کاهنده صدا و قابل مسیر دهی که با یک اشاره عمل می کند!

Use sound effects and music clips to add excitement to your podcast. The LiveTrak L-8 features six assignable sound pads that allow you to instantly trigger effects, music, applause, prerecorded interviews, or ads

The LiveTrak L-8 comes with 13 preset sounds for its sound pads, making it ready for out-of-the-box production

Easy Phone Call Interviews

امکان ارتباط تلفنی تنها با یک کابل TRRS

The LiveTrak L-8's phone tap lets you easily interview a guest who is calling in remotely on the phone or via common apps like Skype and FaceTime

Simply connect your mobile device to the 3.5mm TRRS port using the supplied TRRS cable (some iOS devices may require a Lightning to headphone jack adapter), and the L-8 utilizes a mix-minus function to ensure that the caller won't hear their own voice echoing back to them

Multiple Independent Headphone Outputs

خروجی هدفون جداگانه و یک جفت خروجی اسپیکر

The host and each guest in your podcast should clearly hear the content of your production. The L-8 offers four 1/4" stereo headphone outputs with independent level controls and mix selectors

The main headphone output is sourced from the master output while the three other headphone outs can be assigned to the master mix or an independent cue mix

Connect the balanced XLR stereo master outputs to a pair of active speakers for convenient monitoring

Track Song Demos with Multiple Musicians

رکورد آسان و مطمئن برای گروهای موسیقی، خوانندگان و آهنگسازان

You can easily record song demos and live performances with multiple musicians using the LiveTrak L-8

The first two channels of the L-8 support 1/4" Hi-Z inputs for direct connection of instruments such as a guitar and bass

Channels 7-8 feature 1/4" line inputs, which can be used to plug in a drum machine or stereo keyboard

Utilize the remaining inputs (channels 3-6) for mics on sources such as vocals and drums

The four 1/4" headphone outputs allow you to create custom mixes for each musician

Flexible Powering Methods

راه اندازی با 4 عدد باتری قلمی، پاور بانک و یا با آدابتور

Conveniently run the L-8 in remote locations via 4 AA batteries—up to 2 hours via alkaline batteries, up to 3.5 hours via 1900 mAh NiMH batteries, or up to 6.5 hours via lithium batteries

A USB cable and the Zoom AD-17 USB-to-AC adapter are included for powering the L-8 from an AC outlet

Alternatively, you can power the L-8 via a USB battery or power bank

The L-8's USB connection is designed to eliminate accidental interruptions, giving you power on which you can rely

Efficiently Save and Recall Entire Scenes

امکان ذخیره سازی پروژه ها در حافظه دستگاه و فراخوانی مجدد هر کدام از آنها

Set your levels, dial in the mix, then save your settings in one of the L-8's seven scene presets

Recall a scene at the push of a button to instantly reconfigure the L-8

Create different scenes for common scenarios such as podcasting, live streaming, band rehearsals, and more

Record up to 12 Tracks

ضبط 10 لاین به صورت جداگانه و با کیفیت 96 هرتز و عمق بیت 24

The L-8 records up to 10 discrete tracks and a stereo mix directly to an SD card at up to 24-bit / 96 kHzUse the L-8 as a 12-input / 4-output audio interface with your computer or iOS mobile device via USB at up to 24-bit / 48 kHz

Punch record and overdub at any time for more complex productions

Optimize the sound of your tracks via onboard effects and each channel's 3-band EQ and low-cut filter **effects, EQ, andoverdub functions are unavailable at 96 kHz

محتویات درون جعبه در هنگام خرید:

لایوترک L-8

کابل USB

کابل TRRS برای موبایل

آدابتور AD-17 AC

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