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SHURE-BLX14/P31 هدمیک بیسیم

  • تولیدکننده: SHURE
  • کشور سازنده: چین، طراحی آمریکا
  • مدل: BLX14/P31


هدمیک بی سیم با گیرنده دیجیتالی SHURE مدل BLX14/P31

مشخصات و ویژگی های گیرنده دیجیتالی  BLX4 :

XLR and ¼" output connectors
Two-color audio status indicator LED
Green:  Normal audio levels
(Red:  Excessive audio levels (overload / clipping

مشخصات و ویژگی های BLX1 :

  • Quick and easy receiver frequency matching
  • TQG connection for use with Shure lavalier, headset, earset and instrument microphones and guitar cables
  • Easily accessible On / Off switch

مشخصات و ویژگی های PGA31-TQG :

Wireframe headset fits securely for active speakers and vocal performers
Permanently charged electret condenser cartridge delivers detailed, crisp vocals
Unidirectional cardioid polar pattern rejects unwanted noise for improved sound quality and higher gain-before-feedback
Flexible gooseneck design and discrete adjustment capabilities optimize microphone positioning for further source isolation
TA4F (TQG) connector seamlessly integrates with Shure wireless bodypacks
Included windscreen tames plosives for clean and intelligible sound reproduction
Tailored frequency response for great sound on vocals
Available with BLX, GLX-D, and PGX Digital wireless systems, renowned for ease-of-use and reliable performance

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